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Well, ok, yes, BIG news - we got engaged last weekend (18th Nov)!


2nd Dec - Engagement party at the Alfred's Head in Wantage 2.30pm



Sept 2nd 2006 - The return of the webmaster. Yes, I really am working on updating it all.

Watch this space.



Music recommended at the moment:

Evanescence - Open Door - no surprises, nothing new or better, but more of the same type of things from Fallen.

Marillion - as always. Playing Rock City in Notts on my birthday if anyone wants to join me there!

Meatloaf - again, as always. Going to see him at NEC in May. Yey.

The Feeling - that 'Calling' song. It's just so catchy, hear it on the radio every day and get it stuck in my head.

Jonny Boston - fantastic male jazz singer and saxophonist.

Stacey Kent - marvellous female jazz singer.