Kroll - a lonely dragon living in the foothills of Jeklynia, sits alone on a rock, happily toasting a small rat with flames from his huge jaws. Despite looking fierce and brooding, Kroll exudes an approachable attitude, as long as you donít mind flames. Heís a pretty good looking dragon if you ask me, but then Iím biased because I created him. Heís got a pleasant mixture of turquoise and emerald green scales which sparkle but theyíre offset, I reckon, by the fetching purple spike on the back of his spine. His eyes are, well, indescribable really, they confuse the most well-travelled traveller due to their complexicity. My genius again, I must say, that has rendered his vision to be like looking through prisms. Kroll sees the world several times over, just imagine what itís like to see a drunken blur permanently. It keeps him alert though and heís a useful watchdrag when heís not cooking the rugs.

            Heís a powerful flamethrower, that would be why he now lives in the mountains that he so loves, you just canít feasibly keep a pet dragon. My mansion resembles a volcano when I allow Kroll in for a while and I donít appreciate having to re-buy all those spell ingredients. He scorched a very precious iguana once, caused a hell of a ruckus when the iguana bit him on the snout. Luckily my living quarters arenít actually near the lab so Iím safe if I invite Kroll over, he only ever comes into the cavern entrance. I live a few miles away from Krollís new hole in the rock but I visit as long as heís not eating, itís an unpleasant sight.

            Kroll is, at the moment, bored with his diet of rats and is dreaming of flying away into Ryle, the nearby town, and finding himself a dragon restaurant. Ryle is full of weird and wonderful creatures like Kroll but itís also full of mangy humans whom Kroll would just toast if it wasnít against the law. There are many laws against dragons having fun, remaining from the days when the government of Jeklynia bothered with laws. These days it merely exists to pull money out of itís residents - rather like pulling teeth from Kroll, which I have had the joy of trying. The government is also rather secretive and in fact no one has ever seen the current officials. Except, of course, that puppet of a prime minister who might as well have a PhD in waving as that is all he ever does from his balcony in Yingfad, the capital.

            Ryle has its own corrupt government system in the form of five Ďtown eldersí who hold committee meetings to try and raise awareness about pollution while actually using peopleís taxes to build galleries instead of garbage dumps. Theyíre big on galleries because theyíre supposed to bring in tourists. It has been pointed out to them that we have no tourists because the rest of Ryle is a glorified rubbish site with only a few dwellings and a market place to show for itself. However, the council reckon theyíre helping so we leave them to it, those of us who have enough sense to live outside the walls of Ryle anyway.

            Kroll considers coming to visit me and ask for some more appetising food but I subtly subdue the thought. Dragons arenít good at telepathy as a rule so he never notices when I do that. He might notice a foreign sorceress but heís used to me being in his mind whether he knows it or not. Unlike other Dragons, Kroll is actually quite intelligent. Heís adept at crosswords if theyíre printed on non-flammable material. I laminate them for him sometimes from the Daily Hex but he still often sets the stuff on fire, leaves a bit less ash. Crosswords became Kroll's hobby when he was still a baby dragon and didnít breathe fire so he was peeved when he started smouldering the papers as he got bigger. His intelligence is unfortunately wasted while he canít go to Ryle often enough to win the town quiz. I feel heíd like that but the best I can do is challenge him to the odd game of chess, played with the granite rock set I made for his coming of age.


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