The shimmering glory took her breath away as she gazed over the glittering landscape.  She looked down towards her feet and saw the path she stood on. It hovered above the sparkling crystals and wove around the jagged landscape, twisting in between the crystal spikes.  The crystals formed mountains in the distance to her left but this plateau was a carpet of multicoloured prisms, sending a rainbow haze as far as the eye could see.  Colette stepped forward on the hovering pathway and was surprised as her foot glided into a silk mesh which was like an ultra soft long-pile rug.  The walkway was not solid, it was a cloudy film which supported her above the floor of crystal wonder.  She trusted her weight on it and moved further along.  Her eye caught a glimpse of movement on a mound of crystals near the path and she peered at the shimmering surface until she made out a rainbow coloured tiny creature which bore resemblance to a dragonfly.  She stared at its flickering colours and realised it wasn’t light bouncing off it, its wings were actually shifting through colours of the rainbow.  She was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the place when the little fly lifted off swiftly and flew onto the top of her head, beginning to rub its legs in her hair. The little thing was obviously as curious as she was.  It’s wings made a swishing sound as it leapt around her head. It eventually landed on her ear but it’s wings continued humming. It was a pleasantly comforting sound.

                 Colette turned back to look at the spot she had come from. It looked like any other curve in the path but she knew she’d step back into some other random world if she crossed that shadowy line that was just visible on the path.  She returned to heading along the path towards one giant crystal that rose higher than any others with a sparkling pinnacle which seemed to provide enough light for the whole region.  As she walked slowly along she became aware of the other small life forms around her besides her fly, still humming on her earlobe.  She saw a few plants growing among the crystals:  multicoloured ferns that swayed in an unfelt breeze.  They moved in slow motion as though they were in a trickling stream; the air currents must have been so delicate as to only affect the feather-light plants. 

                As Colette’s path rounded another bend she saw the most spectacular waterfall floating down the wall of glittering crystal.  The water was sparklingly clear and flowed into a river at the bottom that wound its way along to the right between and around the crystals.  ‘Crystals don’t wear away like rocks, I suppose,’ Colette thought ponderingly,  noting the perfectly shaped surrounding of the riverbed.  She gazed at the riverbed in awe.  How could anything be so beautiful?  She was about to make her way further towards it when the scene was suddenly enhanced by the appearance of a magnificent silver, winged horse who leapt in front of the waterfall and sparkled with the reflections of the rainbow haze rising even higher around the water.  Colette almost fell over in surprise.  She could not believe the wondrous beauty of the mythical Pegasus horse.  She hurried to where the path ran alongside the gorge which the water washed into. 

                Colette peered down to where the waterfall met the pool.  The crystal waterfall face was alive with numerous silver horses which stood out like the brightest stars in the night sky.  Then they all lifted their shining necks and craned their heads up to the top of the waterfall.  A beautiful woman’s face appeared in the midnight-blue sky above the horses gathered around the waterfall.  Her hair fell around her face in swirls of shimmering light.  She was the same colour as the sky just defined within it, as though part of it.  Her presence seemed to spread peace and calm over even the falling water.  The face was so very peaceful, the slight smile on the lips outlined on the sky stretched across the waterfall’s edge.  Spinning silver balls appeared in her hair like many tiny galaxies and then the whole face turned to look directly out over the waterfall and then blended back into the midnight blue sky. 

                The horses lowered their heads, their manes floating in those unseen air currents.  They stretched their wings out majestically and there was suddenly a mass of them filling the sky.  They flew all over the plateau and settled above the crystals and began grazing on the rainbow ferns amidst the carpet of crystals.  Colette felt her little fly lift off from her ear to join the aerial creatures.  She began making her way down the winding slope which continued her path down gorge towards the convergence of water and crystal, the end of the curtain of waterfall.  When she reached the ledge that hung over the pool of ice-clear water, she peered to the bottom and saw the carpet of crystals continued under the surface far down but still glittered with many colours.  She looked for a continuance of the path but saw only the sparkling pool and the crystal rock face behind the waterfall.

                 Gracefully, a silver unicorn stepped proudly out through the waterfall onto a ledge close to Colette.  She stepped back in surprise not believing there could be more than she had already seen.  The unicorn had an air of power, he did not appear playful like the throng of Pegasus horses.  He looked into her with piercingly brilliant eyes and then merely nodded his head, swished his tail out behind him and then lifted a front leg and held it over the edge of the low cliff they stood on.  Colette took a deep breath and then calmly dived into the shimmering water.  Her descent became a floating, slow-motion dive and she felt those previously unfelt air currents carrying her caressingly down towards the rainbow lake. 


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