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About Me




The Dreamer


Name: Georgina Louise Johnson

Names actually used: George, gj

Age: 24

Occupation: Editorial Assistant, Architecture Books, Taylor & Francis publishers (Routledge)

Location: Wantage, Oxfordshire

Status: ENGAGED!

Height: 5 foot 4 ish - not quite midget status

According to the yearbook of Mary's college I am a 'Buffy buff' and drink a lot of tea. So therefore, am I in fact Giles??


Exciting Educational information:        

                             GCSE's - 6 A*'s, 2 A's, 1 B;

                             A-Levels - Biology, Chemistry, English, General Studies and AS Maths (A,B,B,A,B respectively)

                             2:1  BSc(Hons) Psychology, University of Durham



Other qualifications:

    Once upon a time I got Grade 5 Keyboard playing and grade 4 Ballet but who wants to know those things now

    I can drive and have a car with clean licence

    Some might say I can play guitar and saxophone. Depends on your definition of play but I do try

    I can, to some extent, jive dance


There's the boring facts, to find out more about me, read on or download my CV (which is now out of date, sorry)


Likes and Interests:



Music: listening and playing. I have often been heard say 'I live for music' or 'life wouldn't be worth living without music'. No doubt music is hugely important to me anyhow and my tastes stretch far and wide, just take a look around this site.


Reading: Most common state of George on a slow day - curled up with a book on chair or bed. Speaking to me in this coma-like state is like trying to wake a sloth on the top branch of a tree.


Fantasy: In relation to the above - the book I am generally found with stands a 95% chance of including at least one of the following ingredients: a dragon, a wizard, pretty swords, magic, furry creatures, a vampire, multiple dimensions.


Buffy: The chances of you not knowing that after 30 minutes of talking to me are very slim. I used to tend to occasionally talk in quotes from Buffy and Angel without noticing and reckon I know pretty much everything about all episodes of Angel as well as Buffy.


Badminton: Another thing you're unlikely to get away without knowing. Barry and I play for a local club in Wantage and I used to play back in Nottingham at the Carlton Forum club. We also do T'ai Chi in Grove and Jive in Newbury (see Links page).


Films: I will fairly much watch anything as long as it isn't horror and go to the cinema as much as is humanly possible. I used to work at a cinema in Nottingham and now have a subscription to Empire magazine so I can pretend to still know lots about films.


Language: I pretty much geared my degree to meet my fascination with how the brain deals with language and particularly how we read. I love the English language and I love words and love using them, hence working in publishing.

I used to write a lot more than I do now and showcased here: Writing are some of my attempts.
See also my critically acclaimed Reviews section.


Favourite words (people think I'm strange for having favourite words, not for their meanings, just because of the way they look and sound, but seriously, think about it): scythe, aesthetic, evanescence, plinth, horizon, Excalibur, velvet, perceptive, myth


Fantastic anagrams: Parliament - Partial Men; Clint Eastwood - Old West Action; Dormitory - Dirty Room; Evangelist - Evil's Agent; Software - Swear Oft; Presbyterian - Best In Prayer.


Genetics: I once upon a time wanted to study Genetics and was outraged that no Universities offer a joint degree of Psychology and Genetics except Oxbridge. I loved the module on genetics we did at school, evidenced by my 99% score. I find the evolution of the human race fascinating and everyone should have a go at reading Matt Ridley's 'The Red Queen'.


Mythology: Particularly Arthurian legend. One of my favourite areas of fantasy fiction stems from my love of the Arthurian legends. But I find Norse myth and Egyptian deities fascinating as well.


That's pretty much the things closest to my heart, for more about things I like, see the QoST and Links pages.



Other random likes and obsessions: She-Ra, unicorns, Jack Vettriano paintings, wolves, irises, funky coloured paper, fractals (well yes, just look around), cafés, photography, drawing trees, cats, jigsaws, dark chocolate, ballroom dancing, crystals, crosswords, mugs, daffy duck, glass, musicals, stripy shirts, stickers, leafy plants, dictionaries, sunsets, diminished guitar chords, sapphires, slinkys, nodding dinosaurs, hazelnut latté, ball dresses, drawing cartoon characters, historical romance, bats, country music, origami, cartoon character socks, postcards, chokers, cushions, key-rings, tulips, beanie babies, paperweights, tea.


With that list I think everyone now knows everything there is to know about my weird mind and will never ever have problems over what to buy me for my birthday!


Random dislikes / pet hates: sneezing, lemons, spiders, Russell Crowe, tomatoes, horror films, OrangeTM, Fargo, red cars, snakes, biro, rap, mint, tiny dogs, reality TV, bent book spines, heights.






I aspire to be a commissioning editor for an academic book publisher, preferably Taylor & Francis. It's such a good feeling having helped put something into the world.


In more unrealistic arenas, I aspire to win Mastermind and have this crazy notion of using Buffy as my specialist subject as I don't think there is a question I can't answer. I love doing pub quizzes and xwords and so am aiming to build up my general knowledge enough. Ages ago I tried designing puzzles myself which can be seen here.



Who Am I?:



The Critic

You're complex and thoughtful. You look beneath the surface. You're good at chess (or would be if you played). Pondering deep thoughts sounds better to you than going out on the town. But you can be so critical and introspective that even positive qualities can seem like faults. The truth is that you have a very perceptive, gentle spirit.

You carry quite a few burdens on those little shoulders of yours. Sometimes the world seems so gloomy that you just want to crawl up in your cozy bed and sleep it off. That shy nature of yours means you like to be alone watching romantic comedies, preferably ones starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Chances are you hate arguing and other tense situations, which can leave you feeling helpless and confused. But there's a part deep inside you that's aching to make some serious bucks. You just need to figure how to go out and grab it.

You hate chaos at work and prefer a structured environment. You avoid co-workers who talk loudly or brandish sharp objects. Sometimes you feel undervalued by your boss, but everyone notices your motivation and talent. You wish you dressed snappier. But you're an original thinker, and people will respect your judgments once they get to know you.