White Wolf by David Gemmell


I have not long been a Gemmell convert, but I am beginning to come to the conclusion that David Gemmell is one of the best fantasy authors out there. I stand him among the greats of the ilk of Terry Goodkind. Gemmell is capable of writing the kind of stand alone story of the weight and power of Dark Moon and yet is also capable of carrying off a series as long running as the Drenai books of which White Wolf is the latest spin-off. We are introduced to Skilgannon the Damned in a brief prologue detailing his self exiling journey many years ago, before the jump to the point in time where he has to come out of his reclusive new life and return to the type of life he was so desperate to leave behind. As Skilgannon has earned the name the Damned. He has previously committed atrocious acts in the name of war under the orders of the love of his life Jianna, now known as the Witch Queen, who is hunting him for his betrayal of her services. A complicated soul, Skilgannon wishes to avoid violence but finds he is called to the side of him that wants to be the wolf his father told him he was inside. On his journey of self-discovery, Skilgannon makes several new friends, among them Druss the Legend...they make an interesting pair of travellers.

Having not yet read any Drenai novels, I do not have any preconceptions of Druss, but the inclusion of him in this spin-off series has convinced me to go back and read them all. Such a compelling character of ideals and strength. Skilgannon on the other hand is much more confused and a mightily intriguing character, who one really comes to feel for throughout the journey he undertakes in White Wolf. And who doesn't want magic gold and silver swords called Night and Day?!! I await being able to read the sequel with mounting anticipation.


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