Starsky and Hutch
  Starring: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Snoop Dogg, Amy Smart; Rating 15

The traditional cop duo routine of the brainy, conscientious one and the stupid, crazy one returns and runs amok in this latest box office blockbuster, with Stiller and Owen bouncing off each other splendidly. Most everyone has heard of Starsky and Hutch even if they've never seen the ageing TV show, and the legend I think is done proud in this sparkling drug bust comedy. Despite its 15 rating it wasn't crass and stupid, everything had you in stitches that was meant to and apart from the ending even the plot made sense. I have to mention the brainy thug with knowledge about terrariums - absolutely fantastic moment of the film, that one. Snoop Dogg is a surprisingly good choice as the OTT semi-criminal Huggy Bear and his outrageous clothing outdoes even the ridiculous costume identities assumed by Starsky throughout the adventures. "Do it!" Well worth a few giggles despite not being anything new (Rush Hour is still funnier).


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