Shrek 2

Starring: Voices of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, John Cleese, Julie Andrews, Jennifer Saunders




Donkey: Don't I have the right to remain silent?
Shrek: Donkey, you HAVE the right to remain silent.

What you lack, is the capacity.


Shrek returns with more rousing ogre-sized comedy in a new romantic adventure with Princess Fiona. Accompanied by the ever-loveable humorous talking Donkey, Fiona and Shrek pay a visit to her parents, voiced by Julie Andrews and John Cleese, who are less than pleased with their daughter's new acquaintances. It is revealed that the Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders) had some involvement with Fiona's original incapacity in a guarded castle, attempting to further the position of her son, Prince Charming. They too, are less than overjoyed about Fiona's new beau and plot to reorganise the situation into a typical happily-ever-after. And I haven't even mentioned Puss In Boots yet!


Donkey: "Oh, Shrek. Don't worry.

Things just seem bad because it's dark and rainy

and Fiona's father hired a sleazy hitman to whack you"


Shrek 2 lives up to the standard set by its predecessor; re-engaging the laughter of adults and children alike. If possible, it is even more double-layered than the original, with fitting humour in every part of every scene for every age. Antonio Banderas is the main addition to the cast as Puss In Boots, making a rather pathetic attempt to assassinate Shrek but redeeming himself with those adorable eyes and cat combat skills. His sexy Spanish-tinged voice is perfect for the cheeky feline, whose presence enlivens the Donkey-Shrek dynamic even more.

Surprise voice talent includes Rupert Everett as Prince Charming who is suitably effective and appreciated. And Yes, it is Jonathan Ross as the ugly stepsister, although only in the UK release, as few of us here would know Larry King or be as amused as when hearing Jonathan's lovely lisp come out. Myers and Murphy are still the dream team as Shrek and Donkey and Diaz's Fiona is as empowered as ever. The musical numbers will have you foot-tapping and swaying, particularly Fairy Godmother's Holding Out For A Hero. Listen out for the genius of the stunning Counting Crows track Accidentally In Love over the honeymoon catch-up sequence. But most of all, eagerly await the follow-up to Donkey's I'm a Believer:  this time it's Murphy and Banderas too in the most hilarious giggle-inducing musical entertainment - Livin La Vida Loca.


There are some fantastically funny moments in this classic sequel, but the show-stealing moment actually goes to the extra bit half-way through the credits, which you should ensure you stay glued to your seats for. I have never laughed out loud so much in a cinema before. The graphic designers need a hearty pat on the back and round of applause, that's all I'm saying.



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