School Of Rock


Starring:  Jack Black.     Rating: PG



OK, so the majority consensus was that this film was childish rubbish judged from a viewing of the trailer. But for anyone who has seen Jack Black in High Fidelity, this film was a must-see. Jack Black is big and he is funny. He is such a great persona for characters like ‘Mr Shneibly’, the name he spends most of this film pretending to go by. Dewy Finn is his real name, and he impersonates his friend as a substitute teacher after being kicked out of his rock band. He does this initially for the money but then realises how amazing these rich kids are at music. And the School of Rock is born. The child actors in this film are amazing, you really can’t imagine a film notion this preposterous pulling it off but they manage ably. And the soundtrack truly is superb. I personally feel you don’t even have to be a rock fan to love this film; you just have to have that deep-seated childish desire to be able to play music and be admired for it. Yes, this a real feel-good film, with a lot depending on the love for the characters and not so much on a desire for a thrilling plot. But this kind of film does have its place and its place is in a fantastic afternoon’s entertainment laughing your socks off and feeling that warm glow you get from a film well made about the dreams of an everyday child come true.





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