Runaway Jury

Starring: John Cusack, Rachel Weisz, Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman.  Rating: 12A


This John Grisham tale as a novel was not his best, and as a film, well....firstly it's nothing like the book anyway so there endeth the comparison really. The book is about cigarettes, the film is about guns, what really is the point of calling it the same title? Secondly, it could be so much better. All that acting talent and what comes out? A mediocre film which you forget as soon as it finishes. John Cusack is, of course, wonderful and plays well off Rachel Weisz. Hoffman and Hackman hold their own as established fantastic actors and do their best with the dialogue.

Cusack is Nick Easter, a rogue juror controlling the panel and bribing the opposing lawyers (Hoffman and Hackman) to swing a verdict. Having read the book I knew somewhat what the point was, but I assume to other viewers it was all nonsense until the last few minutes. The plot could have been so much more aptly handled and the action could have been increased no end. If you enjoy courtroom dramas then this might keep you watching but if you went on spec from the action-laden trailer you will be sorely disappointed. On the plus points, there's great acting and well handled filming, it's just a shame as a movie whole package it never reaches its potential.


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