Along Came Polly

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria.  Rating 12A


So, you've seen a Ben Stiller romantic comedy before? Then you've seen this one too. Stiller is Reuben Feffer, a risk analyst obsessed with avoiding danger and taking the safe choices. One of which he thinks is his wife Lisa. Until he finds her with a nudist scuba instructor during their honeymoon. Hank Azaria, as said nudist, is possibly the funniest thing in this movie, except he acts the same character as in 'America's Sweethearts' which was infinitely funnier. Why was it funnier? Well it concentrated less on toilet jokes for a start. People thought 'Something About Mary' was a tad tasteless, but it's a fruity concoction on the palette compared to Polly.

After leaving the honeymoon Reuben falls straight into the arms of risky, forgetful, crazy Polly (Aniston). It is a shame that Aniston's talent gets lost in all the rom-coms she tries. Outplayed by Ed Burns in 'She's the One' and now outplayed by a very fake ferret in Along Came Polly! The kookiness of Polly is something we have seen before and yet of course we love her. The goofiness of a Stiller character though is something we have seen far too many times before and it is growing weary. His only really memorable performances (in a good way) so far, for me, are in 'Keeping the Faith' and the aforementioned 'Something About Mary'.

As a simple, easy laughing session requiring the brain activity of a snail it is an appropriate film, as long as you don't anticipate anything new or surprising and have the right sense of humour for American-Pie-Meet-The-Parents kind of jokes.



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