i, robot

Starring : Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Alan Tudyk (voice), Chi McBride



At last, a sci-fi film perfectly executed, unmarred by the overuse of SFX, bad acting or over-complexicity. Will Smith stars as Detective Spooner, an individual cop with doubts about robots in a world where they are being relied on more and more extensively. USR, the robotics giants, are releasing the new NS5 robot to replace all previous models and bring a robot presence to 1 in 5 households. Robots obey the 3 laws that they were initially designed around. They cannot harm a human-being, they must protect human beings and they must obey the orders of human beings unless doing so is in violation of the other laws.


This state of affairs is all well and good in most people’s minds until Dr Lanning, the leading scientist at USR and inventor of the 3 laws, is found dead, apparently from suicide, with a hologram programme waiting to talk directly, and only, to Detective Spooner. Spooner begins to 'ask the right questions' and follow the trail to the truth, along the way enlisting the help of USR scientist Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan).

The film is nicely paced, revealing the story suspensefully and satisfyingly as Smith does battle with human and robot foes with surprising fluidness. The action is rewardingly choreographed and put together and even the dialogue is useful, funny and fast-flowing. Characters are believable and identifiable, with all actors holding their own against the CGI robot interaction and complex issues.


All in all a mightily powerful film; with absolutely no faults to detract from the perfect entertainment: just the right amounts of action, science, comedy and emotion for a memorable 2 hours enjoyment, well worth the ticket price.

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