50 First Dates

Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider. Rating: 12A


Adam Sandler is not the most attractive young actor out there but he fills a romantic lead role effectively. This cheering tale of love with an amnesic is a deftly handled, deeply funny movie, inventing yet another twist in the romantic comedy tradition. Sandler is Henry Roth: a bit of a player, living in Hawaii and working at an aquarium with a hilarious selection of aquatic animals, not to mention androgynous assistant Alexa (Lusia Strauss). Then he falls in love with Lucy (Barrymore) over a pile of waffles. Only to discover that she will forget him every day because of a brain injury she suffered a year earlier.

Henry embarks on an effort to win her heart every day, despite the interference of her father and brother (can anyone believe that is little hobbit Sam? I stand in shock and disbelief now I know that was Sean Astin! Elijah always will look and act like Frodo but this man has such talent, I had no idea it was the same guy!). He also has the help of his friend Ula, a ridiculous shark enthusiast (Schneider), and his trusty penguin and walrus pals Willie and Jocko. But the animal jokes aren't too childish and the brain damage psychological issues are adeptly managed. Heart-wrenching and humorous, this is a film to stand for classic rom-com of the year.


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