High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

  Hornby’s writing evinces a realistic but hilarious account of the mediocre life of ‘Rob’, whose love-life history is the topic concerned. Rob tells his personal story as it happens, first detailing his relationship backstory before running through recent events which led him to search himself for why he always goes wrong. It is likely everyone has or will experience this themselves and it is so easy to relate to Rob in Hornby’s inviting monologue. The strange narrative works well, and humour abounds. This isn't a predictable story of true love and the like, it is firmly down to earth, rooted in a typical 30 something’s uneventful world, yet it captures the imagination rapidly and you fall for Rob, especially if you’ve seen the film. The book differs in places, with extra twists and turns in Rob’s fortune, expressing the same levels of sarcasm, confusion and despair which John Cusack portrays so enticingly in the film. Particularly for music enthusiasts, Rob’s use of song lyrics and titles to find meaning and expression for his feelings enhances the story no end. This is one of the best books I’ve come across for taking quotes from about life in general, Hornby just has an incredible knack of connecting you to his characters. In a nutshell - comedy at its best.  
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