The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold



It is very rare that one comes across a book whose characters affect you as much as this masterpiece. I am already known for my ability to get lost in books for hours on end but this was different. You don't want to leave these people. You have to stay with them to the end.

Alice Sebold has drawn upon issues that bother even the most extroverted non-dreamers of the human race. Who hasn't at least every now and then contemplated the issues surrounding death. I suppose one might classify this novel purely as a ghost story if you only skim read some sections. But that would be wrong. The words are so cleverly pieced together that you don't even draw upon old thoughts regarding the existence of ghosts. This is about the effects of death, whatever you believe.

Despite the intense philosophical sensitivity of the writing in this book, I wouldn't recommend it necessarily to the types of people I would usually envision dwelling on these notions. I referred to its first chapters as traumatising. There is some harsh stuff included about rape and murder, but I advise any who would be put off to persevere because these are not the important parts of the book and the story it has to tell. I must admit the concept of reading a book about a girl speaking from heaven after her murder did not at first even appeal to me. But I did persevere because of the popularity and critical acclaim this novel has won and I would now rank it as one of the best books I have ever read and definitely as the one that made me cry the most.


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